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Shadow on Concrete Wall
to our new Eagle Scouts;
Jackson Chang and Joey Postma


We have been an important part of the Mercer Island community since January 1969. Our troop is one of four Boy Scouts of America (BSA) troops on the island.

Our priorities include: Achieving the requirements for rank advancement, going on exciting outdoor excursions, doing our part through community service projects, annual participation in one of the BSA’s High Adventure Camps, and having a lot of fun together!

We meet every Monday night during the school year, except for holidays and breaks. Come join us!



Troop 647 is a youth organization chartered by the Boy Scouts of America and located on Mercer Island, Washington, USA. Our sponsor is Mercer Island's Redeemer Lutheran Church, although there is no requirement to belong to this church in order to join our troop. 


​In fact every boy, age 11-17, is welcome to join our troop. Boys who have earned their Webelos Arrow of Light may join before the age of 11.


​We are committed to being an open, inclusive and welcoming organization for all boys and families who are interested in the BSA’s mission to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.


​We are excited the BSA is open to both boys and girls. Now, even more youth will have access to the character development and values-based leadership that Scouting promises. It is important to understand these changes did not make Troop 647 coed (or any other BSA troop). The BSA still has boys in their own dens and troops and girls in their own dens and troops. Mercer Island 678 is our community’s BSA troop for girls and 647 remains a BSA troop for boys.

Eagle Scout 2.JPG

Congratulations to the members of Troop 647 who achieved Scouting’s highest honor.

10/23/2022.        Jackson Chang

09/17/2022.        Joey Postma

11/04/2021         Evan Liu

11/04/2021         Nick Harper

09/17/2021         Chase Shavey

03/05/2021         Daniel Chivo
08/22/2020         Sam Postma

07/25/2020         Cooper Hand

05/22/2020         Sam Attisha

10/17/2019         Andrew Sugamele

09/19/2019         Daniel Hankes

09/19/2019         Jack Harper

07/18/2019         Colin Bogar

07/18/2019         Elliott Hendrickson

07/18/2019         Alexander Raffetto

05/16/2019         Kai Hidaka

12/06/2018         Adam Zaborski

08/16/2018         Jared L.

07/19/2018         Matthew Dietsch

06/07/2018         Clarke Chen

09/07/2017         Spencer L.

08/17/2017         Scott M.

08/17/2017         Nathaniel Nichol

07/06/2017         Vincent R.

04/22/2017         Connor Hill

02/02/2017         Graeme Stoney

10/20/2016         Johnathan M.

09/04/2016         Frank Arterberry

07/07/2016         Blake Dunn

07/07/2016         Nathan S.

06/16/2016         Matthew P.

04/07/2016         Ian Martin

12/17/2015         Duggan B.

11/05/2015         Joseph W.

10/29/2015         Ryan J.

10/01/2015         Nicholas H.

09/17/2015         Wescott S.

08/06/2015         Ramsay A.

06/18/2015         Joseph P.

06/18/2015         Joshua P.

05/21/2015         Isaac M.

05/07/2015         Adam K.

04/02/2015         John Townsend

02/05/2015         Willem D.

01/15/2015         John L.

11/20/2014         Wilson A.

11/20/2014         Michael C.

09/04/2014         Drake Willard

06/19/2014         Matthew M.

03/20/2014         Daniel G.

12/05/2013         Richard Kepler

08/29/2013         Samuel Chanen

02/07/2013         Peter Scott

11/15/2012         Jake Julich

11/01/2012         Douglas McLellan

03/15/2012         Brian Oppenheim

10/20/2011         Andrew Padgett

5/24/2011           Brooks Hamilton

1/20/2011           Erik Gest

2/18/2010           Aaron Azose

12/17/2009         Daniel Dawson

8/20/2009           Matthew Townsend

6/18/2009           Kyle Weiss

10/15/2008         Harry Bolson

6/21/2007           Erik Syrrist

1/18/2007           Cameron Deul

1/18/2007           Peter Lambe

8/23/2006           James Culver

6/1/2006             Philip Bolson

1/19/2006           Peter Rasmussen

9/16/2004           Samuel Grausz

5/6/2004             Lee Cordova

11/6/2003           Jeffrey McAlvay

5/1/2003             Daniel Taylor Jr.

10/3/2002           Karl Fielding

10/3/2002           Joseph Lambe

5/2/2002             Bryan Bergquist

11/15/2001         Benjamin Azose

10/18/2001         Aaron Cahoon

9/6/2001             Daniel Seetin

9/6/2001             Matthew St Pierre

8/16/2001           Benjamin Brown

3/1/2001             Mark Chapin

1/18/2001           Alan Cordova

6/21/2001           Jason Eggebrecht

9/21/2000           Stephen Lambe

2/3/2000             Matthew Seetin

12/16/1999         Michael St. Pierre

7/1/1999             Jaffer Barlas

2/18/1999           Duncan Hansing

5/7/1998             David Bremner

11/20/1997         Lorin Seeks

2/20/1997           Brandon Ackley

2/6/1997             Christopher Robbs

6/20/1996           Stephen Dolinko

11/2/1995           Christopher Cahoon

10/5/1995           Erik Bergquist

9/21/1995           Eric Prince

7/6/1995             Thomas Lukas

1/5/1995             Mark Thibedeau

10/6/1994           Brian Fetters

10/6/1994           Brian Ritchie

8/4/1994             Charles Robbs

7/7/1994             Karl Steffin

4/21/1994           Andrew Sinclair

1/6/1994             Bryan Rupinski

10/14/1993         Scott Harrington

7/16/1992           James Zervis

3/19/1992           Mark Harrington

1/2/1992             Kevin Fetters

12/19/1991         Aleks Kask

8/1/1991             Aaron Ascher

9/20/1990           Jeffrey Ritchie

8/3/1989             Matthew Price

6/1/1989             James Delcour

5/18/1989           Scott Townsend

3/16/1989           Brent Evans

3/16/1989           Andrew Ganse

1/5/1989             Eric Fetters

11/3/1988           R. Billingsley

11/12/1987         Thomas Imrich

12/12/1985         Theodore Normann

12/12/1985         Jim Perenchio

6/13/1977           Barton Smith

2/23/1976           Bryan Walker

6/20/1971           Richard Simpson

6/22/1970           Randall Novak


BSA logo.jpg


On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

BSA logo.jpg


A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

BSA logo.jpg


The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

BSA logo.jpg


Be prepared

BSA logo.jpg


Do a good turn daily

BSA logo.jpg


As an American, I will do my best to:

  • Be clean in my outdoor manners

  • Be careful with fire

  • Be considerate in the outdoors, and

  • Be conservation minded.

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